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10 The Go-Go Girls of Sapporo
Three American misses struck gold in the Winter Olympics' concluding week

14 Get da Shoodah, Said Faddah
The accent is New York and the coaching has been called too paternal, but it works for unbeaten Marquette

16 Rare Wearin' of the Green
Politics was not uppermost on anybody's mind when Ireland's ruggers took on England and, for a change, won

18 Minson and Hiller Are Two to Watch
Or is it Miller and Hinson? Nobody seems to know when these young pros stride the fairways

26 You Catch It, He'll Mount It
Fish are Al Pflueger's life. He has wallowed in them, figuratively and in fact, since he was a boy

32 Me and My Bike
After years of yearning, the author bought a motorcycle, and lived (it was sort of close) to regret it

38 Dawn of the Possible Dream
Back where it all begins it is called schoolyard basketball, and stardom is always just a whish away

68 All-America, All the Way
Major Pete Dawkins is a man of his times—of days past, when the land was proud and peaceful, and of the present

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6 Scorecard
46 People
48 College Basketball
52 Track & Field
57 Pro Basketball
65 Tennis
79 For the Record
80 19th Hole

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Next week

The stocks market is going to be up when the good old boys—and some good new boys—get together in Florida for the world's richest stock-car race, the Daytona 500.

GALLERY OF DISASTER: a look at some of the great golfers' lousy shots. Gwil Brown and Artist Frank Golden show how the pros would replay them, given one more chance.

Best in the world is Frank Deford's prediction for Stan Smith, a tennis star who is reverent, kind, courteous, brave and has now corrected the flaws in his forehand.