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12 Come Back Real Soon
Next time leave a little loot for the authentic good ol' boys, A.J. After all, they invented stock-car racing

16 Reigning Cats and Dogs
Their Majesties, canine and feline, were named this month in the Westminster and Empire shows, respectively

18 Because a Steering Wheel Didn't Tilt
With numerous complaints, Jim McDaniels jumped to the NBA, and Marquette's Jim Chones signed with the Nets

20 See the Pucklings Wobble In
The rare new birds of the World Hockey Association staged an ambitious draft but faced some takeoff problems

22 This Smith, a Mighty Man Is He
Stan Smith—solid, disciplined, determined and God-fearing—is moving back into his top form of last year

34 A Gallery of Disaster
Oh, ouch, what a lousy shot! Pros on the golf tour tell how they would have played it, given another try

56 Trivia
When it comes to competition, nostalgia buffs will ask for such arcana as who broke Dizzy Dean's toe?

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9 Scorecard
40 College Basketball
44 Boxing
52 Fishing
67 For the Record
68 19th Hole

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Next week

Striking it richer in Florida, golf's touring pros—and Dan Jenkins—zero in on Jackie Gleason's Inverrary Classic, which is going to suffer no lack of 1) money or 2) names.

Lifting the cover of UCLA Center Bill Walton, William F. Reed explores the life and times of college basketball's newest and—so far, at least—exceedingly private star.

Once he was alone an angel, a promising young rookie; that is a Bo Belinsky few remember. A sensitive portrait of an athlete who failed, a man reflecting on the tangle of a career.