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14 Bombs Away Out West
The Bucks blew open two games and someone threatened to blow up a third, but the big explosion lies ahead

18 And So They Played Ball
The strike over, the baseball season opened to disappointing crowds and a mixture of cheers and jeers

20 Down and Out for Minnesota
The North Stars lost their savage series to St. Louis in sudden-death overtime. The Blues' reward? Boston

22 Over and Over Again
Kjell Isaksson of Sweden exceeded the world record in the pole vault for the second time in two weeks

28 Gospel of False Prophets
All the preaching about "ecology" has deceived people. In the end man's frantic efforts won't matter a whit

34 Sailing on a Sea of Dreams
Getting Away From It All is a way of life for Warwick Tompkins Jr., adventurer extraordinary

42 You Can't Beat the Bushes
There is lots to be said for the minor leagues. Like Avis, they try harder, and often succeed

70 Wheels of Fame and Fury
Champion of a sport that has made him rich and renowned, Jackie Stewart has a clinical eye for its terrible risks

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9 Scorecard
48 People
53 Golf
56 Fencing
62 Dogs
83 For the Record
84 19th Hole

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