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22 Good Show, Charlie Brown!
And good grief. There in the winner's circle at Indy sat the mild-mannered, much-beset Mark Donohue

26 The Bluffs Butcher Gets Tenderized
A furious publicity buildup sent obscure Ron Stander into the ring to be bloodied and beaten by Joe Frazier

28 The Happiness Boys
Also known as the Houston Astros, they are rollicking on in an amazingly productive year

30 Up, Up and Quietly Away
Whispering across the sky went the first continental sailplane race, from sea to shining sea—in short hops

36 Quick, Nagayama, the Needle
Acupuncture's satisfied customers are beginning to spread the word, and soon others may get the point

44 Sail a Slow Boat to See
Plying the canals is the new game of tourists who play it for serenity and a view of the backyards of Europe

52 For Want of a Shoe...
Or, diddle, diddle, dumpling, my son Tom. One shoe off, one shoe on, Runner Tom Von Ruden is a winner

86 I Trotted Out a Naked Lady
Racegoers did not always have bread but they had circuses when Promoter Bill Veeck took over at Suffolk Downs

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106 19th Hole

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