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12 Two-Wheel Assault on an Island
Away they roared, up, down and around the Isle of Man, led by an Italian who was hell-bent for leather

18 They Follow in His Footsteps
On a clear day Riva Ridge ran forever, leading from the start in the Belmont to recoup his reputation

20 Keeping a Close Eye on the Ball
That is what everybody was doing last week as Jane Blalock, accused of cheating, strove to clear her name

26 Hockey's Turn To Wage a War
Catching up with other pros, the NHL squares off against a new league—which is hot after Bobby Hull

28 Munich's Billion-Dollar Baby
It's the Olympics, and, my, how it's grown. A wry look—in drawings—at what Bavaria hath wrought

36 A Kid Who Doesn't Kid Around
Wrestler Dan Gable is convinced that all work and no play is how to win a gold medal at the Olympics

44 Sentinels Along a Stream of Memories
The past of the Rappahannock—the terrible Civil War battles fought on its banks—haunts a fisherman

74 Biggest Cheapskate in Big D
Lamar Hunt of Dallas owns three ball clubs, 32 tennis pros, a bunch of little old oil wells—and one suit

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9 Scorecard
54 Baseball
65 Track & Field
68 Hunting
87 For the Record
88 19th Hole

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Next week

The open—and possibly shut—case for golf will be tried at Pebble Beach. Dan Jenkins is covering the 1972 tournament, where the gang will be after Jack Nicklaus again.

Half—the younger half—of the U.S. Davis Cup team will play at the NCAA championships: Trinity and Stanford are favored to dethrone UCLA. Joe Jares will report.

The best medicine, a Baltimore pharmacist firmly believes, is owning a racehorse. But in all honesty his own steed (winner of just one event in his six years) is a bitter pill.