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8 Slamming the Door on Jack
It was Grand, indeed, but the Slam was gone as Lee Trevino put the Super Hex on Nicklaus

12 Heads Up! Here's a Horse Race
Little noticed, the Japanese have been holding the derby of all derbies, one that dwarfs other turf classics

14 Boris in Wonderland
Good knight, what next? Russia's Spassky must have wondered as Bobby Fischer played Mad Hatter

16 Would You Buy a Used Playbook?
Better not. Most coaches say it wouldn't be worth much, even though one seemed to be on the market

22 Tom Terrific and His Mystic Talent
The wonders he works did not come easily to Seaver. In fact, his modest abilities made the man

32 Defender of the Faith
His detractors have called him a traitor, a liar and a fool, but Avery Brundage sleeps the sleep of the just

44 Stars in Your Eyes
A humorous view of the best All-Star Game in town—baseball's—as seen by Artist Marc Simont

60 The Majesty of Monsieur Merckx
Belgium's incomparable Eddy, the sovereign of cycling, is matey with monarchs and makes Merckxists of the masses

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6 Scorecard
49 Baseball
52 Harness Racing
56 Basketball
68 For the Record
70 19th Hole

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