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It may have other difficulties in these quickening times, but baseball still puts on the best All-Star Game in town. The big names are there, and they perform as if a pennant were at stake, with all their talent and skill. As these illustrations of last year's game in Detroit show, it is a banquet for celebrity collectors. On Tuesday in Atlanta the fans will feast on many of the same performers, although some, to be sure, will be in different uniforms.

If an All-Star exercises some ingenuity—by utilizing a back exit, for instance—those autograph seekers can be eluded.

Juan Marichal gets a leg up and Johnny Bench a couple down as the plate umpire prepares to give it the brush.

What you see in the crowded batting cage is what you get afield, by then scribbled, TVed, Brownied, Kubeked for the edification of the populace.