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Texans have been called Super-Americans and their possessions all manner of names, frequently with a kind of offhand malice aforethought. Now comes Clint Murchison with a spectacular now playpen for his Dallas Cowboys, and it is open season again. Texan to the roofbeams in its provisions for creature comfort, it is a stadium to render outlanders chartreuse with envy. Beneath that concrete canopy are 65,000 seats, all with a good view of the field. There are no fewer than 86 tiled rest rooms, 115 water fountains. Mindful of his patrons' palates, Murchison peddles the same chili as in his New York Dallas Cowboy Restaurant. Mindful also of the stadium's $25 million price tag, Murchison has sold a double tier of 16' x 16' boxes, 158 in all, for $50,000 each. As the pictures and prose on the following pages indicate, their frequenters are not camping out.

In the boxes the décor tends to be splashy and the people lively, as in Braniff's sumptuous little bailiwick.

Furnishings run the gamut from Neo-Bunkhouse to Late Zigzag. The showiest is the chandeliered charmer (second from left) owned by Frederic Wagner and Jim Williams and widely known as "the French boudoir."

Charles Rush's bar underscores the fact that though the stadium proper is dry, the boxes are damp enough.

Boxholders fuel up in the Stadium Club en route to their plush pews. At game's end Coke Ann Murchison, Clint's daughter, cuts a rug.