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12 Red Man to the Rescue
A tobacco-chewing relief pitcher and dee-fense have the Yankees back in the thick of things

16 200 Plus on the Lone Prairie
The deer and the antelope—and a gang of drag racers—were at play as old New Mexico joined the fast crowd

18 The Guest Is Best at Saratoga
Summer Guest took a big stride toward recognition as the country's best filly by winning the Alabama Stakes

20 When You're No. 2, You Diet
Sonny Jurgensen's injury gave Bill Kilmer a shot at being No. 1 on the Redskins. This year Sonny is trying harder

22 Sugar and Spice—and Iron
Little girls are supposed to be made of the first two, but 4'11" gymnast Cathy Rigby has an added ingredient

30 Images in a Hall of Mirrors
Some reflections by Artist Stanley Meltzoff and Novelist Thomas McGuane on the life and habits of the bone fish

56 2,400 Miles by Hand Power
Or how else would a 30-year-old visionary name of Larry Capune get his surfboard from Boston to Miami?

76 A King Without a Crown
Pitcher Eddie Feigner, a superstar in an unpublicized sport, and his team flaunt softball coast to coast

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9 Scorecard
63 People
64 Baseball
70 Golf
74 Harness Racing
87 For the Record
88 19th Hole

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The Olympics are bigger—with 9,000 athletes from more than 120 nations—and presumably better this year, reports SI's Munich-bound crew. The U.S. track and field squad, says Pat Putnam, has more youthful confidence (about two-thirds of it belonging to Steve Prefontaine) than ever. Mark Spitz is serene and properly vengeful, according to Jerry Kirshenbaum, and will lead a U.S. swim team chock full of chicks itching to dunk Aussie champ Shane Gould. There is also a portfolio of Olympians from many nations and a complete set of medal predictions. Plus the news of the week in baseball, pro football, horse racing and golf.