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14 High on the Hash
The pros have great expectations for a rules change that moves the ball to the middle and scores toward the top

18 Happy Days Are There Again
The blazing White Sox are fazing opponents with Allen's daytime home runs and Wood's anytime knuckleball

22 The Kid Hustles to a Title
Thirteen-year-old Jean Balukas breezed by the best women pool players to depose a 57-year-old granny

30 The Deuce with Love and Advantage
Rolls-Royce rebel James Van Alen wants to save every thing from yacht racing to bustards, and tennis most of all

Olympics 1972

34 On the eve of battle, Munich stirs restlessly
36 Track and field: an analysis of U.S. prospects
40 The swimmers: Can Spitz win seven golds?
42 Stars and potential stars: 12 pages of color
55 Detailed charts predict performance in 22 sports
78 From Bad to Wurst: the perils of motoring to Munich

The departments

9 Scorecard
62 People
64 Baseball
68 Bridge
72 Golf
89 For the Record
90 19th Hole

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Next week

A golfing jigsaw takes place in Pinehurst when the top pros meet in a combination medal-match play tournament that may require a math degree to solve. Dan Jenkins tries.

Huddle schmuddle, growl victims zapped by the Boston radio program Sports Huddle, but there are a lot more sports nuts swearing by the three-man talk show than at it.

A tricky track and tough driving make Darlington's Southern 500 what it is: not the fastest or richest race, but still the Big Daddy of them all. Kim Chapin tells why.