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16 Red Faces in Canada
In a week of Russian ups and downs, the biggest up was an upset over Canada's NHL stars

20 Olympics: Lose One, Win One
Along with its failures at Munich, the U.S. did have Mark Spitz, its wrestlers and a young runner from Ohio

34 A Steamroller Ride to the Summit
Bobby Fischer's prophecy came true in a way even he could not have foreseen as he demolished Boris Spassky

College Football 1972

40 Everyone is gunning for Nebraska
42 The color and excitement of a big weekend
52 SI's football staff picks the Top 20
66 The Independents
72 The Conferences
78 The Small Colleges
88 New Tricks for an Old Bear

85 Best of the Hatch
Emerson Fittipaldi proved he could smoke the others out. Trouble was, there were few others

The departments

13 Scorecard
80 Baseball
85 Motor Sports
106 For the Record
109 19th Hole

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Next week

Pro Football begins with scouting reports, Tex Maule's season rundown and in-depth views of Oakland Tackle Boomer Brown and the Cowboys' coach, Tom Landry.

The Olympics end, and the triumphs and disasters of Munich are vividly etched in words and color photographs. Plus complete charts of the 1972 Olympic medal winners.

Questions posed at Forest Hills: Can Stan defend against Laver and other pros who were absent last year? Is Chris ready to win? Tune in Curry Kirkpatrick and find out.