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A Sanctuary Violated: Munich 1972

24 Cruel death, unwarranted war invade the Olympics
27 That terrible Tuesday: an athlete's point of view
28 Almost an afterthought: results from the Games

32 Young Harmon Makes His Mark
From Hollywood comes Mark Harmon, who made Old 98 proud by quarterbacking UCLA to victory over Nebraska

34 Still Blushing at the Face-off
Canada s humiliation deepened as Russia proved its hockey superiority through a full week of play

36 Nasty Heads the Boom at the Top
Forest Hills showed that if no one man dominates tennis, Ilie Nastase is now a lot more equal

Pro Football: the New Season

46 It is time to take stock of the game, says Tex Maule
52 National East
54 National Central
58 National West
60 American East
66 American Central
68 American West
70 It is time, too, for a look at The Boomer, pro tackle
116 And, finally, to know what Dallas' Tom Landry is about

109 Two Men on a Horse—One at a Time
Levi's Ride and Tie race drew a strange bunch of contenders in a new contest straight out of the Old West

The departments

21 Scorecard
88 Olympic Medal Winners
94 Baseball
99 College Football
102 Golf
109 Horse Racing
139 For the Record
140 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.













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THE RED SOX—can they make it? An inquiry into the breathless deeds of Yaz & Co. and the wild pennant race with Detroit, Baltimore and New York, by William Leggett.

Revenge is what the Nittany Lions of Penn State will be after when they meet Tennessee, the team that spoiled their undefeated season last year. Roy Blount reports on how they do.

In a hunt for the truth about hunting, Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset concludes that the pleasure of the quest is the most appreciated, enjoyable occupation of mankind.