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Gerald Eddlemon, 26, a University of Tennessee graduate student, set a record for running a 70-mile segment of the Appalachian Trail in 24 hours, 59 minutes despite being stopped by a pack of wild boars and several bears. He lost a change of shoes and socks.

Larry Todd, 19, of San Angelo, Texas and LISA JO MANN, 16, of Hobbs, N. Mex. won the all-round titles for boys and girls age 16-19 at the American Junior Rodeo Championships in Pueblo West, Colo. Miss Mann scored firsts in barrel and optional racing to take the girls' overall title while Todd, outgoing president of the American Junior Rodeo Association, came in first even though he failed to win a single individual event. More than 200 young people participated in the three-day competition.

Karl Harz, 22, a graduate student at Fairleigh Dickinson University, won the national AAU All-Around title with 7,976 points out of 10,000. His 10-event performance included a 10.5 100-yard dash, a 6'2" high jump and a 21'6" long jump.

Frances Cannon, 30, a public health nurse in West Vancouver, Canada, became the first woman to swim the tidal waters of the Georgia Straits, 17.3 miles from Nanaimo to Seihelt, in 15 hours and 7 minutes. Eleven women had failed before her attempt.

Wendy Burkhart, 12, the Ohio Jaycee Girls' 18-and-under tennis champion, became the youngest person to win the Toledo city tournament when she defeated a 27-year-old woman in the semifinals and a 25-year-old in the finals, losing seven games in four sets.