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16 Funny Kind of a Race
Attendance was laughable and so was some of the play as the American League East waged a gaudy pennant battle

20 O Canada! There Goes Another
This time it was U.S. sailors, but at least there was a suspenseful duel as Canada lost its Cup

22 Winning with a Dash of Orange
Penn State, seeking revenge, spent a weary evening trying to snare Tennessee's elusive Condredge Holloway

24 Strange Bedfellows
William F. Buckley Jr., the celebrated conservative commentator, assays three transfers of sporting power

32 A Case of Rising Above It All
Balloonists may be said to have the best of both worlds, combining sport with the gentle art of escape

40 One Man's Family
Wellington Mara is shifting his beloved Giants to New Jersey, and hoping no love will be lost in the move

88 Meditations on Hunting
The eminent Spanish philosopher José Ortega y Gasset had some singular theories about mankind's pursuit of game

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13 Scorecard
59 People
60 College Football
70 Softball
76 Pro Football
83 Mountain Climbing
103 Baseball
104 For the Record
106 19th Hole

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Next week

Heir apparent to the throne vacated by Nebraska is Oklahoma, loser in last year's memorable Game of the Decade. It is none too soon for a check on this year's Sooners.

Speed freaks, both kinds, turn up at lovely—and seedy—Watkins Glen. A look at the scene of the U.S. Grand Prix and at the new world driving champion, Emerson Fittipaldi.

Sometimes a poet, and long a pro basketball player and coach, Tom Meschery is giving up the game he loves. With moving regret he writes of greed, deceit and duplicity.