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24 Wet, Racy and Royal
A new season begins, and the perennial ruler of U.S. powerboats captures a thriller off Key West

28 It's Alabama in a Runaway
Terry Davis and his Crimson Tide roll onward, leaving bits and pieces of LSU strewn over the field

30 You Can't Buffalo the Sabres
One of hockey's lowly expansion teams has hacked its way surprisingly high in the standings

32 A Play of Light and Shadow
John Akii-Bua's victory lap was like a ray of hope in Munich. So, too, is his presence in unhappy Uganda

44 Voting to Snuff the Torch
Conscious of costs and ecology, Coloradans elect to send the 1976 Winter Olympics out into the cold

56 The Snowplaces Are Showplaces
Conservation keynotes America's major new ski resorts, particularly Snowbird, highest-flying of them all

92 O'er the Land of the Fee
Foreign tennis pros on tour may turn up their noses at some of our mores, but they love the smell of U.S. cash

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19 Scorecard
72 People
74 Design for Sport
76 College Football
81 Boxing
88 Pro Football
109 For the Record
110 19th Hole

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Next week

College Basketball reopens with the traditional cast of characters—called UCLA—and a play entitled Freshmen Eligible. First-year students will turn rankings upside down before the season ends, writes Curry Kirkpatrick, but will not affect the Bruins, who may be the best college team ever. There is a gallery of some coaches who make the game go, plus scouting reports on the top 20 teams, the best of the rest, small colleges, junior colleges and, finally, a picture in motion by Joe Jares of tireless Bill Bertka, the country's busiest scout. Along with the usual news and features from the other sports fronts.