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20 Champion Blahs In Big D
The Cowboys beat Washington and made the playoffs again, but they keep exhibiting second-half swoons

24 He's Not Merely a Passer Fancy
Tiny Archibald of the Kansas City-Omaha Kings leads the NBA in scoring as well as in assists

26 Back Again, Booming into Your Hearts
Super Racer Jean-Claude Killy has returned, and pro skiing's traveling circus takes on star quality

32 Look Slow and Be Set To Go
Malcolm's car seemed to be a real dog, but he was playing the racing game: let them think they can beat you

50 Baby, It's Bold Outside
Below-zero carnivals prove a cold fact about winter: there is a way to love it instead of leaving it

74 New World Within One's Compass
A neophyte discovers the Aquarian pleasures of an outdoor sport a-borning in the U.S. It's called orienteering

80 Everyone Can't Be First String
Not even Johnny Unitas. The story of the benching of a legend as the Colt management played for the future

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104 19th Hole

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The Sportsman of the Year question is answered in an issue that also covers pro football's denouement in the NFC West. Dan Jenkins reviews the college bowl games and wonders whether all those big favorites will really win, while Bil Gilbert, in an iconoclastic essay, pokes into some shadowed areas in the complex world of sport. Strictly for laughs is a collection of the year's funniest photographs, but Charles Goren's Christmas Bridge Quiz is both fun and instruction. Robert Cantwell and Frank Sleeper track down the angling odyssey of the preeminent American painter, Winslow Homer, and seven of the artist's watercolors are vividly and faithfully reproduced.