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12 Then the Sidewinder Wound Down
Sam Snead's funny sideways putts kept him up there in the L.A. Open, but the real fun was Funseth's

16 Ol' Pick and a Lot of Slick
Doug Collins doesn't look the part, but he leads the finest class of college backcourt men in years

Super Bowl VII: Age before Booty?

20 Washington is not over the hill, but on top of it
22 A former Redskin waterboy remembers the bad old days

30 Boats out of Water
The ancient sport of land sailing surfaces in California with speeds floating windjammers will never know

35 Set for a Wood Chopper's Brawl
With a punch as rugged as his prefight talk, George Foreman eyes Joe Frazier and the heavyweight title

70 Big Little Guy in Chi
Bobby Hull is gone, so the Black Hawks' Stan Mikita is under heavy pressure. And, oh, how he's responding

74 Up, Up and Awry
Head in the clouds, as usual, Jeannette set off' to solo in a balloon. But her exhilaration died on the wind

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10 Scorecard
58 People
63 College Basketball
70 Hockey
72 Horse Racing
84 For the Record
86 19th Hole

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Next week

The no-names and the Venerable Vandals meet: Brown vs. Csonka, Griese vs. Kilmer, Taylor vs. Warfield. It's Washington and Miami. It's Super Bowl VII and Tex Maule.

Showdown time shows up early in the rough Atlantic Coast Conference, where two of college basketball's best, Maryland and North Carolina State, meet in a hectic week.

Let's hear it now for sweetness and light. Jack Olsen brings you The Chris Schenkel Story, which demonstrates all over again that virtue can be its own reward—and then some.