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16 17-0-0
The Miami Dolphins ended their super season undefeated, but tie-maker Garo almost had them in knots

22 A Lesson for the Preacher Man
When Maryland's Lefty Driesell stalled, North Carolina State showed him the error of his ways

24 Jonathan Livingston Liquori
Like the celebrated sea gull, Marty Liquori is a free spirit. Last week he proved he can still fly

26 Now Half the Nines Are Tens
Suffering at plate and gate, the American League adopts a radical new stratagem—a 10th man in the lineup

36 Down off Your High Horse!
In England the (blue) blood sport of fox hunting is under attack as packs of saboteurs hound the horsemen

40 Mr. Roth Goes to the Boat Show
As the winter daydreaming season begins, an artist of antic disposition strolls nautical aisles

64 Virtue Is Its Own Reward...
...and then some. The life and times of Chris Schenkel, who has made a bundle while staying as sweet as he was

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77 For the Record
78 19th Hole

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The big money and the big buck arrive at last for pro tennis. Two companies of players, one in Miami and one in Wales, begin the 1973 WCT tour. The stakes? A $1 million purse.

Don't just sit, learn something! Jule Campbell takes a look at some vacation spots where you can get off your beach and be taught rudiments of sailing and scuba-diving.

Sunshine soldiers of hockey are the Los Angeles Kings, who win at home but cool off away from their swimming pools. But the once mediocre Kings are playoff-bound.