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12 Pro Tennis Goes Big Time
Sixty-four WCT players in two groups begin a four-month world tour in quest of $1 million in prize money

18 Baby, It's Cold Inside
In the rinks, that is, but otherwise life is sunny for the L.A. Kings. Trouble is, they freeze on the road

20 Buzzing to Glory
The little planes made the biggest hit when everybody took to the skies in The Great Miami Air Race

22 These Bullets Have Caliber
The acquisition of Elvin Hayes and the return of Archie Clark give Baltimore a shot at the NBA title

24 Should He Stick to the Sticks?
Sandy Hawley won more races last year than any other jockey but he can't make a big name at the small tracks

32 A Little Learning... terrific. Lying around in the sun is not nearly as much fun as finding out how to do something well

54 Walk on the Wild Side
What could drive any man to snowshoe through blizzards, over mountains and across Yellowstone? An insane journey

The departments

5 Scorecard
42 College Basketball
50 Track & Field
52 Motor Sports
65 For the Record
66 19th Hole

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UCLA leaves home in quest of one of sport's finest records, San Francisco's 60-game winning streak. Curry Kirkpatrick describes the action and takes a look at the men behind it.

He wheels as a sponsor of racing and race cars, and he deals as one of America's foremost gin rummy addicts. The colorful world of J.C. Agajanian is explored by Kim Chapin.

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