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16 He's Raising the Roof
A week after setting the world record, Pole Vaulter Steve Smith wins coast to coast

20 Eleven Days That Shook Baltimore
In a flurry of trades, plus a good draft, some horses were put out to pasture and coltish Colts brought in

22 97-Pound Weaklings No More
Hockey's nonviolent New York Rangers rebounded against big, bad Boston—and routed the Stanley Cup champs

24 Putt-on at an Un-Golf Classic
The athletes were all big names in baseball or football—but the swimming pool was where the action was

30 Waitin' for the Robert E. Snopes
All that saved Daytona from being dullsville was the entry from down on the levee. They loved it. And lost

40 Watch Out, Here It Comes!
The hockey puck, that is, whipping up scenes of high tension on the porch of the poor tormented goalie

46 Yankee R[x]: Group Therapy
Soured on baseball's most famous team, CBS sold out to 15 men with an appreciation of depreciation

66 And It Goes Glub, Glub, Glub
This was the little boat that took the adventurers into darkest Florida, moving steadily—in circles

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78 19th Hole

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