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16 Center in a Storm
Although guarded by police, who fear for his life, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's play has been as masterful as ever

20 All Things Come to Him Who Weights
Chris Taylor, Iowa State's wrestling colossus, won his 34th straight victory, helping the West smother the East

22 Harvest for Johnny Appleseed
A modern namesake goes head to head with seven other famed harness-racing drivers—and wins at the wire

24 Just a Gentle Sort of Man
Bobby Knight, Indiana's once-stormy coach, lapses now and then. But who wouldn't in the Big Ten?

30 Gin Rummy and Racing Cars
Dad wouldn't let him run the old Studebaker, so J.C. Agajanian became a sponsor—also a magnate and a dandy

36 Tennis in a Royal Setting
The $45 million Acapulco Princess glitters on Mexico's gold coast, drawing tennis players and hedonists alike

42 Cook It Up and Dish It Out
She was a weakling challenged by a behemoth, but after feasting on Biblical honey she looked in the pink

70 A Heavy Comes to Light
For a decade Jack Nicklaus lost fans to fat and Arnold Palmer, but now he has won the role of leading man

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13 Scorecard
52 People
57 College Basketball
60 Boxing
62 Hockey
64 Track & Field
68 Horse Racing
85 For the Record
86 19th Hole

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