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18 That Championship Game
Going after its ninth NCAA title in 10 years, UCLA ran into some surprising challengers from Memphis State

22 Big Orange Country Sees Red
Indiana red, that is, as the Hoosiers swamped Tennessee for their sixth straight collegiate swim title

24 The Pros Came Up a Little Short
A crowd of 12,280 witnessed pro track's not-so-grand opening, including two races that almost ended too soon

26 A Lot More Where They Came From
The Montreal Canadiens have so much young talent that this year's East Division title is probably only the beginning

34 Boston's Perpetual Motion Machine
He is Celtic Dave Cowens, a redhead of predictable temper, a center of unpredictable virtuosity

Curtain Up on the Masters

46 A look at the lovely 16th hole, a historic stage for drama

54 Presenting a fiery pro who just could walk away a winner

92 The Long Blue Line
It guided the Olympic marathoners through Munich, and led the author to old agonies, new conclusions

The departments

15 Scorecard
62 People
65 Horse Racing
71 Baseball
81 College Basketball
107 For the Record
108 19th Hole

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Baseball 1973 should be a banner year, with designated hitters, mustaches, more Monday night TV, Henry chasing the Babe and the prospect of exciting pennant races in both leagues. But while William Leggett discusses this revival of interest, Dick Young argues that the men who run the sport seem to know less about their product than do the fans. Following an action-filled photo essay and an assessment of the 24 teams, Ron Fimrite observes Steve Carlton, baseball's best pitcher, and Frank Deford presents an old catcher—Joe Garagiola—calling signals in a new game. Plus the usual news, features and departments.