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24 The Reign at Augusta
The Masters had every thing—floods, heroics, collapses and a ripping battle for the green jacket

28 Add One-on-One to All for One
The Knicks beat the Bullets in the playoffs by blending dazzling individual bursts with a typical team effort

30 War for the Inscrutable East
Surprise followed shock as New York opened Stanley Cup hostilities by belaboring defending champion Boston

32 Once a Valley of Vapors and Vice
Hot Springs, long the Sodom of the South, made a clean break with its past and now town and track thrive

40 Small Dreams of Hitting the Big Time
The cars are pint-sized and the pace exhausting, but midget racing can move a man right up to Indy

50 Ride Up There Where Eagles Dare
Sailplaning is uplifting, cheering and, some say, man's highest calling. Sailplaning is also for the birds

56 For Each a Place in the Sun
Nudists disport themselves in a variety of fashions, from bareback riding to skiing to free-form volleyball

90 Truffles and Flourishes on the Tarn
The chef did a superb job at the Ch√¢teau de la Caze, but the janitor got three stars for his fishing lore

The departments

16 Scorecard
66 Skiing
75 Lacrosse
79 Motor Sports
82 Gymnastics
87 Conservation
111 For the Record
112 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by James Drake















Next week

As a pow, Major Murphy Neal Jones never forgot his football days at Tulane. When he came home he revisited the campus with John Underwood and found sport had changed.

Wide open is Group B in World Championship Tennis. With three tournaments to go, half a dozen players in the Cleveland Classic are still scrambling for a place on top.

Shedding new light on the old shell game, Photographer James Drake captures the essence of rowing, from a hard, powerful start to the quiet denouement at dockside.