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16 Putting a New Light on the Derby
It was not just that Angle Light won the last big prep for the classic, but that he upset wondrous Secretariat

20 Oklahoma Penalty: Illegal Procedure
Admitting their quarterback's high school transcript was altered, the Sooners forfeited eight of their '72 wins

22 Meanwhile Back at the Rancho
The Tournament of Champions was held at a California spa, where Nicklaus and Trevino frolicked in the waters

24 Neither Too Old Nor Too Young
That's the San Francisco Giants, 4-F last season but off to a rousing start in 1973

32 The Magnificent Obsession
They said Al Feuerbach was too small to throw the shot but they forgot to measure his zeal

38 Now You Sail It, Now You Don't
A Windsurfer is in essence a surfboard with a sail, and it takes an acrobat to stay up on one

43 It's No Way to Get One's Kicks
Defeat is upsetting, which is why losers almost always get the boot in this land that is fan-atic for victory

74 Knock 'im out, Jay-ree!
Jerry Clower, toast of the Southern banquet circuit, does just that with a fat menu of outrageous stories

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88 19th Hole

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Old Octopus Arm, Luis Tiant of the Red Sox, became the toast of Fenway Park in last year's pennant chase. Before that, as Myron Cope writes, he was going nowhere.

Full Astern is the credo of antique-boat lovers, a fast-growing breed who worship the brass and mahogany of a more craftsmanlike age and happily spend fortunes on restorations.

Whodunit and what they did in a fictional Kentucky Derby—those are the questions. England's noted novelist, Dick Francis, solves the mystery of the day of wine and roses.