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History in the Making

14 Secretariat turns in the performance of the century
18 ...and a canny lumberjack was with him all the way

20 Give 'em A for Anger
If the Oaklands are not performing like champions, at least they are griping in pennant form

22 One Little Move, a Giant Step
It seemed a small thing, heavyweight champ George Foreman fighting Joe Roman, but a division is alive again

30 They Tread with Fear
Wet feet and the dry heaves are about the only rewards for running the steeplechase, track's least loved event

36 The Old Man and the Seashore
Jim Havender, 81, is a lifeguard who loves the ocean so much he wouldn't mind drowning in it

65 Some Hot Times in a Hothouse
It was 90° in Baton Rouge, but UCLA beat the heat to win its third straight collegiate track and field title

70 Golf's Jekyll and Hyde
Depending on who is talking, Bruce Crampton is cruel, officious and humorless, or warm, kind and helpful

The departments

7 Scorecard
48 Baseball
59 Hockey
65 Track & Field
83 For the Record
84 19th Hole

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Next week

Can one man win the U.S. Open twice on the same course? Well, it happened in 1905, and now Dan Jenkins is at Oakmont to see if Jack Nicklaus can repeat his 1962 victory.

Cocked for the half at the AAU championships are Olympic champion Dave Wottle and Rick Wohlhuter, the new world-record holder at 880 yards. Ron Reid reports.

A smashup almost ended Dan Gerber's life and then he began to assimilate the lesson: the poet is no less happy than the hero. A personal memoir by a onetime race driver.