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16 Battle of the Ages
Just when it seemed as if the U.S. Open might have its oldest winner, young Johnny Miller blazed home with a 63

22 The Short and the Long of It
Little Rick Wohlhuter and big Steve Williams cut their fields down to size in the national AAU track championships

24 Mound of Trouble for the Reds
Cincinnati's hitting has been weak but its pitching has been awful. The NL champs hang close and keep hoping

30 Last of the Big-Time Amateurs
With her slambang, highly emotional game, Virginia Wade is close to the heart of every weekend tennis player

42 Dead Men Write No Poems
A series of crashes, including his own, convinced him that the only happy poet is a living one

56 Clean Wins for Determined Non-Jerks
Fred Lowe and Phil Grippaldi heaved just enough harder with the weights to lift U.S. titles

70 Was There an Addax in the Erg?
A band of tourists, guided by a Tuareg with conjunctivitis, crossed the Sahara in Land Rovers to find out

The departments

13 Scorecard
48 People
50 Baseball
56 Weight Lifting
62 Crew
68 Harness Racing
83 For the Record
84 19th Hole

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As pennant visions dance in the heads of Yankee fans, Bobby Murcer, Ron Blomberg, Sparky Lyle & Co. come up against tough Detroit and Baltimore. Bill Leggett reports.

The roar and snarl of cycles in full chase will mark the debut in the U.S. of world championship motocross. Bob Jones describes the noisy proceedings from Carlsbad, Calif.

Bigwig in wig biz is Bob Hayes, who was a whiz on the pro track tour, is about to start his ninth season with the Dallas Cowboys and is a big exec with Consolidated Wig.