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16 Big D Reduced to Atoms
Exploding late in the game, Philadelphia's expansion club beat Dallas to become pro soccer's American champion

20 Birds Bug Off Toward a Title
The Orioles are running ahead of the A.L. East with a speedy offense and a pitcher who beetles the batters

22 Setting 'em Up for the Kill
Bubba Smith is alive and recuperating in Oakland, where he hopes to put the fans in a murderous frenzy

24 Jawful Test on the Mountain
High in his hillside retreat, Ali took a clobbering on his fragile chin and reported that all was well

30 Dennis, No Longer a Menace
Dennis Ralston never fulfilled his promise as a great tennis player, but he was more a man than anyone perceived

40 Murder Ball in a Box
The Iroquois revere lacrosse as The Creator's game, but the indoor version of the sport is rougher than the devil

64 Bet, Book and Handle
Millions wager on pro football, but few have the knack, nerve (and credit) to consistently beat the spread

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9 Scorecard
45 People
46 Baseball
54 Harness Racing
56 Fishing
60 Boating
62 Horse Racing
76 For the Record
82 19th Hole

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College Football 1973 revives the perennial question—who's No. 1? But the Top 20, made up of teams from the leading conferences and major independents, do not play all the football across this nation, where on any Saturday afternoon the action may be as furious in Spearfish, S. Dak. as it is in South Bend. A selection of the best small-college teams is set off by James Drake's photographs of out-of-the-way football and John Underwood's inspection of the famous old Wabash-DePauw rivalry. Plus news stories on pro football, major league baseball and the Hambletonian, and a preview of the Bobby Riggs-Billie Jean King confrontation.