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16 It Takes Two to Tangle
But, unfortunately, only George Foreman knew how. He unleashed a brutal attack to retain his world title

20 Faith in Flirth Was Powerful Stuff
A gelding with first-class genes and a second-rate record mopped up the favorites in the Hambletonian

22 John Be Nimble, John Be Quick
And John Unitas' passing is still pretty slick, as he showed in the Chargers' exhibition loss to the Rams

24 Riggs to Riches—Take Two
In a battle of bigmouths under the big Dome, Bobby Riggs figures to beat Billie Jean King

College Football 1973

30 USC's John McKay defends the economics of the game
34 The color and excitement of small college action
60 The Top 20: the best in the country
76 The Independents
80 The Conferences

104 Swinging in a Groove of His Own
When Dick Allen crashed, so did Chicago, which tells a lot about this slugger with the new image

The departments

12 Scorecard
93 Baseball
115 For the Record
116 19th Hole

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Next week

Pro Football is back and, says Tex Maule, the game has gone back: coaches are obsessed with not making mistakes rather than dreaming up new ways to make touchdowns. Our annual issue also contains a dozen pages of scouting reports; a gallery of old pros, as seen through Neil Leifer's lens; a look at grizzled 49er Charlie Krueger by Morton Sharnik; and John Underwood's revealing portrayal of Don Shula. Plus news stories on Forest Hills, the baseball pennant races, the UCLA-Nebraska football game and the World Swimming Championships in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.