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34 Newk Serves Notice He's Back
John Newcombe, tycoon, returned to the business of playing tennis and joined Margaret Court as a Forest Hills winner

38 New Driver, Same Steamroller
Tom Osborne has replaced Bob Devaney, but Nebraska still plays hit-and-run, as flattened UCLA can testify

40 They Never Promised a Rose Garden
Cincinnati offered only a single Rose—Pete—but he has been a thorn to the enemy in the Reds' pennant drive

42 Two on a Rematch
It was showdown time with Ken Norton, and a slim, serious Muhammad Ali knew his future was at stake

44 A Big Splash by the Mighty Mädchen
East Germany's girls won 10 of 14 events to stun the U.S. at the first world swimming championships

Pro Football: the 54th Season

50 The Game has become a bit of a drag, says Tex Maule
58 American East
60 American Central
64 American West
66 National East
72 National Central
74 National West
78 The old pro is typified by grizzled Charlie Krueger
120 Don Shula's "dull look" has brightened things in Miami

The departments

27 Scorecard
95 People
96 Baseball
104 Golf
110 Fishing
112 Bowling
116 Water Skiing
147 For the Record
148 19th Hole

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Down and out in Kiev was Britain's Princess Anne, her collarbone broken after flying off her horse during the European equestrian championships. Martha Duffy reports.

Sport in China, where arenas are scarce, athletes legion and hand-grenade throwing an event, is described by William Johnson. With photographs of Mao's land by Jerry Cooke.