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24 Churned by the Gut-Grinder
In the National League's daffy division, Pittsburgh lurched ahead but the Expos, Mets and Cards were right there, too

28 They Made Pigeons of the Field
Secretariat was the matchless winner and stablemate Riva Ridge an imposing second in the Marlboro Cup

30 Miami Sweats Out Its Torrid Opener
It was over 100° on the floor of the Orange Bowl but the Dolphins were even hotter

32 Her Kingdom for a Horse?
Princess Anne's steeds have been letting her down lately, and at the championships in Kiev it really hurt

36 At the Rate We're Going, Goodby Fish
Our fisheries are endangered by new power plants, foreign fleets and schemes that ruin estuaries

46 Sardinia Script: Viva Cinderella!
In the battle for yachting's One Ton Cup, rags-to-riches "Ganbare" defeated all comers—and herself

82 Faces on a New China Scroll
The first inside look at sport in the People's Republic reveals a society working hard at play

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21 Scorecard
65 People
66 College Football
74 Tennis
76 Snowmobiling
103 Baseball
104 For the Record
106 19th Hole

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Next week

The trojans war on Georgia Tech, which should let USC's Anthony Davis show why he is college football's hottest runner. John Underwood observes every zigzag.

Living is easy for a touring golf pro in Europe, where the wine is vintage, the scenery magnificent and the purses always rising. Dan Jenkins likes it, too, and may never return.

The cost of their calling is reflected in their faces, and Neil Leifer's portraits of Grand Prix drivers captures it: a unique study of high tension in rare moments of repose.