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22 Undefeated but Improving
That goes for USC and also for its tailback, Anthony Davis, who is the most electrifying running back around

26 All Eyes on the Pit and the Pendulum
It was the New York Mets' turn to swing up out of the abyss in the dizzying National League East

30 There She Is, Ms. America
Representing your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, Billie Jean beats Bobby

38 Chirp-Chirp
Without the blackout, the roar of the crowd will be replaced by the sounds of pigeons—or so says Pete Rozelle

42 Sport in China: Part 2
An eager people engaged in athletics seems nowhere more committed to sport than in the Swimming Village

68 The Faces of a Fast Crowd
A gallery of Grand Prix drivers shows that the emotional price they pay is etched in their features

96 Arnold and Jack, Wish You Were Here
On the European golf tour, you find charm, opulence, elegance, royalty—and yours truly, Dan Jenkins

The departments

15 Scorecard
74 Bridge
77 College Football
86 Harness Racing
88 Fishing
93 Boating
109 Baseball's Week
110 For the Record
115 19th Hole

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Next week

It's showdown time in baseball, and William Leggett tells whom to keep an eye on in the pennant playoffs, assuming that the zany race in the National League East ever ends.

No chickens of the sea, the giant tuna would not sit still for their portraits. But Artist Stanley Meltzoff isn't chicken either. He plunged in after them, with dramatic results.

Ejrry Aclsu is his name, a.k.a. Jerry Lucas, and alphabetizing is his game, as well as memorizing the phone book and playing basketball. A look at Luke by Jerry Kirshenbaum.