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24 Buffoonery Rampant
Low comedy was the motif as the Mets and A's traded wins—and absurdities—in the opening phase of the World Series

28 A Matchless Player at Match Play
With a dramatic win in the Piccadilly, South Africa's Gary seems to be recovered from a tough bout of surgery

30 And the Meek Shall Inherit...
Missouri, Miami, Pitt, Kansas and Tulane are making life miserable for the bread-and-butter teams

Hockey 1973-74

44 Bobby Clarke looks like his million in Philadelphia
52 Scouting reports appraise all NHL and WHA teams

90 All That's Fractured Is His French
Skeptics felt Johnny Rodgers was too small for pro ball, but he's up to his old tricks for the Montreal Alouettes

94 "Whatever You Do, Get Him"
The demands and tensions of college football are revealed in vignettes from the book "Saturday's Children"

The departments

19 Scorecard
66 People
71 College Football
84 Rugby
90 Pro Football
115 For the Record
116 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.













Next week

A generation gap the width of a football field occurs when Alabama, led by old Bear Bryant, meets Tennessee and young Bill Battle. Middle-aged John Underwood reports.

Centers of attention are Wilt Chamberlain, who is making like a coach at San Diego, and Bill Russell, who is trying to make something of Seattle. Pete Carry sizes them up.

The juice is loose is what the P.A. announcer has been bellowing at Buffalo. And with good reason, as O.J. Simpson flows on and on in pursuit of Jim Brown's rushing record.