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24 In It Just for Kicks
Specialists are booting more field goals than ever, which is not necessarily the best thing for pro football

28 Adieu, Adieu, Kind Friends...
Secretariat and Riva Ridge closed out their racing careers with a touch of majesty and a note of sadness

30 'Twas a Great Day for the Irish
In no holiday mood, Notre Dame successfully barricaded Anthony Davis and paraded to a sweet-revenge victory

32 Hawg Hunt for the Bass Masters
Twenty-six pro fishermen gathered in South Carolina to cast for largemouth bass—and a $15,000 purse

42 Heroes with Feet of Clay
As a boxer, Joe Brown learned all about the sweet science, and soured on the sport. Now he is a ranking sculptor

48 Youth Is Not Wasted on These Young
Hockey's top rookies are not only commanding the highest salaries ever, they are taking more jobs than ever

54 It's Workmen's Compensation
Never mind the overtime, the nights and weekends spent. Softball has its satisfactions for men who punch a clock

86 Encounter at the Summit
One after another the three bull elk, big as horses, crossed the ridge. Death caught up with the last

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84 Bridge
105 For the Record
106 19th Hole

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Next week

Brothers all are the Selmons of Oklahoma—Lucious, LeRoy and Dewey—members of a defensive line that has made the Sooners boomers on the college football scene.

Embattled Chicago circles the wagons against the expansionists of hockey's NHL West. There is, writes Mark Mulvoy, a Reay of hope—unflappable Coach Billy Reay.

San Quentin, I hate the guts of you, sings Johnny Cash, but fishermen feel differently, for in San Francisco Bay not far from the cellblocks lie large stripers that no warden guards.