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26 He's Shooting the Works
Pistol Pete Maravich leads the NBA in scoring, and with the help of Lou Hudson he is keeping Atlanta aloft

30 After 18 Dry Wells, A Gusher
The Oilers finally found a worse team, beating the Colts to give Coach Sid Gillman his first win

32 Which Is It, Hawks or Doves?
Chicago is looking to Coach Billy Reay for another of his coups to lift the Black Hawks from their slump

34 Oklahomans Call It Selmonizing
The three Selmon brothers, mainstays of the Sooner defensive line, polish off the opposition

42 The Shattered Face of Belfast Sport
Bankmore Star was a modest soccer team, one of hundreds that competed in the city parks. Then an assassin struck

50 They Always Go Home Again
Back at the old playgrounds in sneakers, four city-bred stars perfect their basketball for the college season ahead

60 By the Cellblocks and the Bay
No one would want to spend time at San Quentin, except perhaps a fisherman eager to catch a record bass

100 You Can't Put Out the Fire
Even with time aplenty and money to burn, retirement often is disconcerting. Some seek solace in sport

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21 Scorecard
75 People
76 College Football
82 Horse Show
86 Baseball
92 Bridge
115 For the Record
116 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Heinz Kluetmeier

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They went thataway, not down slopes but across country in the great new ski escape. A colorful preview of the season tells where they are going and what they are wearing this year.

An ordinary Joe is how Penn State's Paterno thinks of himself, but not many Joes have had two undefeated seasons—or turned down a cool million.

The life of Riley was theirs at the famous cavalry post in Kansas. America's foremost horsemen, suddenly soldiers, found the same equine pastimes that they knew at home.