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32 Double Jeopardy for the Bruins
Encounters with archrivals demonstrated that Boston, though on top, is essentially a two-man hockey team

36 He Struck It Rich on No. 19
Van Brocklin placed his bets on No. 7 (Pat Sullivan) and 11 (Dick Shiner) before raking it in with Bob Lee

38 Blues in the Night for the Cougars
St. Louis U., continuing its old domination of Southern Illinois, beat college soccer's No. 1-rated team

40 High-Jumping to a Conclusion
He shot his cycle into the air and it fell to earth down there. Next time Evel Knievel will ride it

46 Not Such an Ordinary Joe
Penn State's Paterno, who has college football's best record, says he is merely a coach. Others disagree

56 Education of a Chartering Man
Bahamas-based Art Crimmins has steered through the reefs of his profession to a place of preeminence

66 The Great Overland Getaway
Escape lies out there in the land of no lift tickets where folks ski across instead of down the country

106 They Led the Life of Riley
To the cavalry post in the heart of Kansas came America's best horsemen, suddenly soldiers but still keen for sport

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82 College Football
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131 For the Record
132 19th Hole

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Next week

College Basketball jumps into a new season, bringing with it the also-ran's eternal hope: maybe this is the year. Not likely. Bill Walton and UCLA still top the Top 20. But if there is an upset, writes Curry Kirkpatrick, it should come from the rough Atlantic Coast Conference, in particular from North Carolina State and its marvelous David Thompson, who are riding a streak of their own. There are scouting reports on the best of the rest, including potent little Assumption College, and, in color, Walton in action and a portfolio of snakepits where even UCLA would shudder. Plus all regular features and the usual full range of other sports.