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30 Denting the Steelers
A cushy 8-1 record was too much prosperity for Pittsburgh, and Denver took advantage of it

34 Artis and the Quick-Change Artists
By switching to the fast break, Artis Gilmore and the Kentucky Colonels have raced into the lead

36 Only Senior Backs Need Apply
The Heisman Trophy goes each year to the best college player, but underclassmen and linemen seldom win

38 144 Holes, 500,000 Bucks, 1 Flop
At the World Open, twice as many players on twice as many holes for twice as much money led to half as much fun

46 Winning One for the Ripper
Show me a man with high hostilities, says the doctor, and I'll show you a man with sporting promise

College Basketball: 1973-74

58 Little David: Thompson goes after Goliath
66 Big Bill: Walton could be the baddest ever
69 The Best: Scouting reports on big and small
100 The Worst: A portfolio of college snakepits

128 Going Out with a Bang
Razzle-dazzle sharpshooting used to enthrall America, but now only one man is left making his mark

The departments

25 Scorecard
108 College Football
121 Baseball
124 Tennis
149 For the Record
150 19th Hole

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Next week

A cornucopia of college football fills the holiday weekend, highlighted by Ohio State vs. Michigan and Alabama vs. LSU—games that may decide the national championship.

That racetrack in a hay-field, otherwise known as the city of Indianapolis, is shaking off its hick-town image, reports Brock Yates. Next time you look, it will be big league.

Six million miles and 75 million spectators later, the Harlem Globetrotters are doing better than ever. Frank Deford takes an irreverent look at a revered American institution.