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26 'Bama Takes Charge
After a wild weekend, the Crimson Tide emerged as the leader in the race for the national championship

30 A Radical Chairman of the Boards
Aussie Ian Cairns won the world's richest surfing event on his homemade, double-concave, triple-finned board

32 How To Win Games and...
The Denver Broncos lead their division, a feat attributable to a coach who's a Dale Carnegie instructor

34 No Fueling, the Crisis Is Here
When the President put the brakes on weekend driving, the energy shortage reached the world of sport and recreation

40 Horsing Around with Bull
Larry (Bull) Mahan, king of the rodeo cowboys, is a tough man to keep up with, in the ring or out of it

52 Hot Time in the Bold Town
More than moonlight is bright along the banks of the Wabash: Indianapolis is pushing for the big time

78 Guiding Light in the Keys
Caustic or kind, Florida's famed guides will lead you to the fish—and you sure better catch them

108 The Bouncing Ball
The Harlem Globetrotters have been following it for 46 years before 75 million fans in 89 countries

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21 Scorecard
88 People
90 College Football
100 Hockey
105 Golf
131 For the Record
132 19th Hole

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Next week

QB or not QB, that is the question for Kilmer and Jurgensen, Staubach and Morton. A look back at the first Dallas-Washington game, and a look ahead to the big rematch.

Aging Aussies Rod Laver and Ken Rosewall, along with 29-year-old John Newcombe, try to retrieve the Davis Cup from Stan Smith and the U.S. in the first-ever indoor final.

Sport is sick. So contends a former executive who found that in professional athletics in the U.S. it is not whether you win or lose that counts but how you play the money game.