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Mike Upchurch, 14, a freshman at Ross (Ohio) High School, rolled the first 300 game of the bowling season in Cincinnati. A member of the Colerain Bowl Youth Bowling Association Major League, where he averages 186, Upchurch scored 180-300-222 for a 702 series.

Donald Milner, 12, a quarterback for the Trojans in the Pomona (Calif.) Pop Warner Pee Wee League, rushed for 247 yards and nine touchdowns and threw for eight touchdowns and three extra points. Also a defensive guard, he led the team to an 8-1 record.

Julianne Grandell, 17, a senior at Conrad High School in Wilmington, Del., set a school season scoring record of 15 goals in 12 field hockey games as her team finished 4-6-2. In three years of varsity play as a right inner, she has scored a total of 36 goals.

Stetson Arnold, a senior at Southwick (Mass.) High School, capped a cross-country season in which he was unbeaten by winning the state championship for the second time. Arnold set a new record over the 2.85-mile course, finishing with a time of 14:31.

Debbie Koch, 15, of Arnprior District High in Ontario, Canada, led her basketball team to a 10-1 record and was the league's leading scorer for the second straight year with 179 points in 10 games. Koch scored more than 20 points in four games and had 36 in another.

Joe Taymans, 38, Soccer coach at Patterson High School in Baltimore, guided his team to a 13-0-0 season and was named as metropolitan coach of the year. Taymans, who is retiring after six years, has coached his teams to five conference championships.