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Kelley Sheehan, 16, of Sacramento, Calif., rolled a 290 game, the highest in the nation for junior girls this past season. She was also a member of her lane's Junior Miss Travel team, ranked sixth in the country for high team series, seventh for high team game.

Jimmy Stauffer, 13, the son of a U.S. Naval officer at Edzell, Scotland, has been selected to the Scottish school basketball team for under-16-year-olds. A forward, Stauffer is currently averaging 25 points a game in a local Scottish-American high school league.

Carla Dillard, a senior at Crane (Texas) High, is averaging 33.8 points through 15 basketball games. She recorded a high game of 50 points, and in one game made 25 of 28 free throws. She also holds district track records in the broad jump and 100-yard dash.

Troy Honahnie and Joseph Talahytewa, senior co-captains of the Tuba City (Ariz.) High School cross-country team, led the Warriors to the state Class A-B-C title for the third time in four years. Honahnie and Talahytewa, plus Lyman Myron and Gene Talas, two other boys from the Hopi village of Moencopi, first captured the championship for Tuba City as freshmen. They repeated as sophomores, with an amazing total of 26 points, lowest ever scored in a state meet, and were third last year. This year their winning total was 49 points.

Jeanne Henry, 26, of Atlanta, caught a blue marlin off Fort Lauderdale, Fla., to become the only woman to get a blue marlin in those waters all season. On the average only six are caught in a season there and Miss Henry landed hers on her first deep-sea fishing trip.