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14 Who's Your Favorite Hoosier?
Indiana had its choice of heroes last week as the swimming and basketball teams ran wet and wild

18 That Old Man River of Golf
Like the Mississippi, 61-year-old Sam Snead keeps rolling along—in fact, he seems to be improving with age

20 The Colts Are Coming Up Empty
Nothing even vaguely resembling a Secretariat or Riva Ridge has appeared among the 1974 Derby eligibles

22 Al Dark at the Top of the Stairs
One of baseball's managers-in-limbo vaults to field boss of Charlie Finley's champion Oakland A's

28 Sanders of Harvard
Crimson basketball has a long, unillustrious and faintly comic history, but the new coach means business

38 On the Block: Way of All Flesh
Baltimore's lurid strip is fading, leaving behind boxers rehearsing for shows at the bucket of blood

54 Old Lions Full of Growl
Among a remarkable band of ballplayers in St. Petersburg the youngest is 75 and can still go to his left

74 Jimbo Comes On Strong
Jimmy Connors irritates a lot of people, but everybody knows where he belongs in the ratings

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89 For the Record
90 19th Hole

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Superstars are among us again: pro heroes from various sports compete for $144,000 in prizes and to determine, sort of, who's the king of the hill. Curry Kirkpatrick watches.

No. 1 scorer in the WHA is Gordie Howe, at 45 well past the hanging 'em up age. Mark Mulvoy views and interviews hockey's ancient warrior and tells just how Howe does it.

Walter Alston begins his 21st consecutive season with the Dodgers. How good a manager is he? The views of men who played and coached for him are weighed by Pat Jordan.