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10 Robin Comes Bobbin' Along
One boat goes down and the ultimate winner gets a bad scare in the SORC's sailing spree

14 Superdad Skates Up a Storm
Having lost little of his old NHL grandeur at 45, Gordie Howe rises to the top of the WHA

16 New Big E for a Big New Eye
Moving to Capital Centre gained the Bullets a slew of fans who watch a reformed Elvin Hayes on instant replay

18 And a Little Child Shall Lead Them
He looked like a high school kid among the Superstars in Florida, but Kyle Rote Jr. showed them all

22 This Miller Admits He's a Grind
What with championing big-leaguers and little old ladies, Marvin Miller has no time to sit down at the piano

28 The Agony and Drip-Dry Ecstasy
Running may hurt, but the truer triumphant pain comes to swimmers who suffer for their sport

36 Strong, Silent, Enduring
But is Walter Alston a superior manager? Players past and present are sharply divided on the question

66 Out of Control
The rites of racing unfold with studied slowness, even in a high-speed car hurtling toward disaster

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5 Scorecard
50 People
52 College Basketball
58 Horse Racing
62 Track & Field
64 Bridge
81 For the Record
82 19th Hole

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