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20 Henry and The Quest
The final assault by Aaron on Babe Ruth's home-run record engrosses the nation

24 A Circus with One Tilted Ring
The Knicks were in trouble until Monroe spotted something odd about one hoop and Frazier put on a show

26 Philly Takes a Flyer on the Cup
Led by a masterful goalie, Bernie Parent, audacious Philadelphia believes it can win the playoff war

28 No Longer a Small World
After a feeble start, the World Football League made a big splash by signing a bunch of NFL stars

36 Aaron Banks, Martial Artist
A karate black belt is the premier promoter of the Oriental disciplines that have become a show-biz phenomenon

50 Two Views of an Affair
Cartoonist Arnold Roth takes a distinctive look at the Masters while Roy Blount Jr. tells how Augusta regards it

64 Pitcher in Search of a Pitch
A big winner until his control went awry, Pittsburgh's Steve Blass is a worried ballplayer

96 Rapids Round the Bend
An innocent journalist joins an intrepid band of scientists for a wild, wet trip through the Rio Grande's Big Bend

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15 Scorecard
77 Track & Field
84 Handball
88 Medicine
92 Bowling
113 For the Record
114 19th Hole

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Next week

What has eight arms and is all green? Answer: the four Masters jackets Jack Nicklaus has won. Dan Jenkins covers the battle at Augusta where Nicklaus goes for blazer No. 5.

In search of serenity, Meredith seeks to shed his Monday-night "Dandy Don" identity in a different telecasting role. Edwin Shrake reviews the ex-quarterback's options.

FRANCIS SARGENT—fisherman, hunter, conservationist and all-round maverick—fits his state of Massachusetts to a T. Robert H. Boyle sums up why the governor succeeds.