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16 One Honey of a Player
Gary has won many major titles, including the Masters 13 years ago, but last week's repeat was the sweetest

22 Heavy Weather in the Slot
Strife in hockey's premier scoring zone blew up a gale around Phil Esposito as the Stanley Cup opened

24 It Was Death in the Afternoon
But not for the Bulls of Chicago. After years of trying they finally got past the first round of the playoffs

26 Now Georgy-Porgy Runs Away
As girls win the right to play Little League baseball, some teams threaten to retaliate by quitting

38 The Defection of Dandy Don
Restless in his role on the Monday Night Freak Show, Meredith is seeking a new career in TV

44 Sprucing Up an Old Speedway
Rebuilding the Brickyard is a game aimed at creating a grander, safer future back home in Indiana

50 Maverick Head of an Odd State
A different drum rolls for the people of Massachusetts, and Governor Francis Sargent hears it loud and clear

82 Final Twist of the Drama
When destiny touched Henry Aaron it also immortalized a cast of supporting players

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13 Scorecard
62 People
67 Baseball
72 Lacrosse
78 Track & Field
99 For the Record
100 19th Hole

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