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Rebuilding the Brickyard is a game that any number can play and the result is a grander future back home in Indiana

The place is a lovable antique that, most folks agree, needs a face-lift, and one of the more popular parlor pastimes at this time of year is how one would change Indy, if it were possible. As in all such activities, money is no object. The model Speedway at left, costly beyond anybody's reach, is the end result of the game as played by a panel of experts, consolidating their suggestions into a single dream Indy. All agreed on several items: infield obstructions are out, parking has been moved underground and the infield itself is lowered considerably and terraced. A figure-eight monorail would whisk fans from lower levels to the stands. Both track (orange) and stands are covered with clear plastic to permit all-weather racing. Gasoline Alley has been incorporated into the pits (the yellow box inside the track), and the pit road (light blue) has been stretched for safer entry and exit. Daytona-type high banking has been installed at the corners (dark red) to handle stock-car racing. From these points, the experts take off on the pages that follow, detailing their individual proposals for bringing Indy up to date.

Closer view of the No. 1 Turn shows the extended pit exit designed for safer traffic flow running just below banks especially installed to accommodate Grand National stock car races. Under the plastic roof, private luxury suites (orange boxes) are spotted along the top of the grandstands.

With overhanging roof and corner cut away, a look into No. 2 Turn reveals the terraced sunken infield, the yellow-roofed pit structure which incorporates a relocated Gasoline Alley, the main monorail stations atop the stands and a proposed ramped parking system behind grandstands.