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18 Big Fish in Turbulent Waters
Displeased by the fishbowl aspects of his life, superstar Dick Allen turns a cold stare on the outside world

22 No Advantage Facing Stanford
The nation's best college tennis team crushes its downstate rivals, USC and UCLA, in back-to-back matches

24 Dr. J and Whopper Shell Kentucky
The Nets whirled down on a team beset by spring fever and foul weather and blew them out of the ABA playoffs

26 One for the Money, Two for Show
When Jo Ann Prentice won a three-way playoff, she got $32,000, largest purse in the history of women's golf

32 Bruce Hardy, All American Boy
The name might have come from a cereal box but the fame comes from his starring in three sports

38 A Seal and a Spitz Named Mark
Swimming's Hall of Fame was floundering until Buck Dawson came up with his own brand of ballyhoo

80 The Sun Shines Bright
The rich memories of Kentucky Derby oldtimers rise above the hoopla that all but smothers the famous race

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13 Scorecard
56 Bridge
59 People
60 Baseball
65 Boating
71 Fishing
74 Hockey
78 Horse Racing
95 For the Record
98 19th Hole

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