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22 A Matter of Celtic Pride
Boston has a new champion, but the team that beat Milwaukee has the old ingredients: tradition plus Havlicek

26 Deep in the Heart, For a Change
Texans have begun to care about the once-woeful Rangers, a baseball team with new faces and abilities

28 Leapin' Lizards, It's UCLA Again
Like their basketball brothers of yore, the volleyball Bruins won the NCAA title for the fourth time in five years

30 Mixing Up the Fast and Frivolous
First came Foyt, then came the storm at Indy qualifying, followed by a much slower field of streakers

36 A Golden Week for a Lot of Oldies
Youth wasn't served in the WCT final and team tennis seemed a good racket for some retirees

44 Short, Sweet and Deadly
Artist Don Moss presents a gallery of treacherous little par-3 golf holes; Jack Nicklaus advises how to play them

52 One Hot Spot after Another
Off to a ragged re-start with the A's, Alvin Dark reflects on troubles he's seen in other towns

78 Journey to the Center of the Earth
A man in the maw of a cave can only wonder what lies beyond—it may be beauty or a beast of an experience

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