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28 No Mirrors Now, Sir
No longer needing magic, the Dodgers' rip-roaring hitters, notably Jim Wynn, have put them way out ahead

32 Clearing Up the Muddied Picture
Little Current's spectacular win in the Preakness gave the racing season a badly needed touch of class

34 Jubilation At Last in Philly
The city of sports losers gets a big winner as the Flyers, those bumptious expansionists, seize the Stanley Cup

36 Without Reservation, A Wintu Won
Coifs first designated event became Rod Curl's first victory as the little Indian beat the big boys in the Colonial

42 Off the Shores of Gitche Gumee
Hymned by Longfellow, Lake Superior has more recently been limned by limnologists and a concerned judge

50 Picture You in My T for Two
Every year about this time they make the revival run, proving that Ford's Speedster is alive and swell

56 Rooms, Rinks and Rookies
Those have been the three Rs of NHL hockey scouts as they prepared for next week's player draft

84 Pride in Bondage
Even to the present day, sacred rites of servitude bind the giant sumo wrestler of Japan to the feudal past

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76 Medicine
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101 For the Record
102 19th Hole

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Next week

Indy's racers barrel along on the 500-mile Memorial Day trail, with A. J. Foyt the favorite starting in the pole position and 32 others in raucous pursuit. Robert F. Jones reports.

The mile is the big attraction at the California Relays, where sensational Tony Waldrop, who has broken four minutes nine straight times, goes after Jim Ryun's 7-year-old record.

Montreal's Olympics will be a love-in, with athletes and spectators two years hence enjoying the fruits of innovative planning. Such at least is the plan of Mayor Jean Drapeau.