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10 Star-Struck Canton
The NFL dispute rolled on at the Hall of Fame game, with players out picketing and owners out-tricking

14 They Knew a Way to San Jose
Older hands wanted the new NASL team in the Bay Area, hut Milan Mandaric chose the right spot for the Quakes

16 One Intrepid Lady
The wooden grande dame of the America's Cup has shown her mettle in bidding for a third defense

18 Going to Pot with the Lobsters
After a nine-day road trip, the Boston entry in WTT discovered it wasn't all it was cracked up to be

22 A Strange Kind of Love
Pittsburgh's volatile pro football fans dote on their Steelers—and can't stand 'em. Part II of a series.

34 In the Catbird Seat
Ebbets Field. It was a home away from home and, if not exactly Elysium, the next best thing

64 Run Noisy, Run Deep, Go to Work
The killer whale, once dreaded, is performing tasks for the Navy and is the chatty star of oceanariums

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6 Scorecard
47 People
48 Baseball
54 Bridge
58 Tennis
61 Swimming
75 For the Record
76 19th Hole

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Next week

No relief is in sight for Mike Marshall, the Dodgers' game-saver who is making appearances with record-setting frequency—and prefers it that way. Ron Fimrite reports.

Inland Ocean Racing presents special problems of buoyancy and bounce for highspeed powerboats. From Lake Erie, Brock Yates takes a look at the hijinks, on shore and off.

A borderline case, in one sense, was 16-year-old Jim Dunn, who decided to run from Mexico to Canada and write about it. He did—with humor, grace and wonder.