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14 He Also Serves
Mike Marshall, baseball's best reliever, is hard at work on a doctorate in physiology—and a pennant for the Dodgers

18 Winning One for the Slipper
Buttery smooth as ever, an aging Jose Napoles beat Hedgemon Lewis to retain his welterweight title

20 Muddling Along on a Stormy Puddle
Lake Erie acts up when it blows, as the offshore racers learned in their Midwestern showdown—er, breakdown

22 Big Noise from San Antonio
After the smoke from 641 guns settled over Texas, an outsider had won skeet's world championship

26 Red-Hot Factory for the Pros
While manufacturing amateur baseball championships, a Baltimore team stamps out products for the major leagues

32 How Does It Really Feel?
The Steelers' deft but battered hands reflect both the grace and brutality of football. Part 3 of a series

46 Light, Tight and Right for Racing
Weighing in at a mere ounce or so, the new skinsuits are sweeping the competitive swimming world

54 Young Man on the Run
Jim Dunn made up his 16-year-old mind to jog from Mexico to Canada and found adventure along the way

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42 Baseball
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50 Soap Box
69 For the Record
70 19th Hole

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Will the real king of golf please stand up? Jack Nicklaus may be recognized as such, but Gary Player is closing ground fast. Dan Jenkins watches the Big Two vie for the PGA title.

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The boys of Taiwan's long, long summers were scouted on their baseball-mad home ground by Peter Carry, who gives a knowing, fond and sometimes hilarious report.