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There's no place like away

Fenced in at home, slugger Jeff Burroughs is socko on the road

Jeff Burroughs, the 23-year-old Texas Ranger slugger, has a love-hate relationship with Arlington Stadium. He loves being away from it, hates being home in it. The distant fences and adverse winds make some of his lustiest drives mere long outs. Said Burroughs of one he boomed last week: "I hit the heck out of that ball. It's ridiculous how this park penalizes hitters. And it's hurting fans. They aren't getting their money's worth." On a previous road trip Burroughs had four homers and batted .519. In his last seven games in Arlington he had zero homers and batted .269. On Sunday he got homer No. 24, and became the first major-leaguer to drive in 100 runs. In Cleveland.